5 Secrets of Successful Project Management

5-secrets-of-successful-project-managementThe success of project management relies heavily on a manager with vision. A person in this position must be able to see the much larger picture of an element and prioritize communication efforts effectively. Effective project managers have the ability to lead by:

• Identifying specific goals
• Mapping out plans for achieving those goals
• Staying on top of the team while they work towards those goals

These three things may seem simple enough to perform, but as with many things in life, they are much easier said than done.

In order to keep a project on schedule and running smoothly, a project management team must implement five secret ingredients so that achieve the most success possible.

1. Develop A Rapport With Key Stakeholders.  First and foremost, it is crucial that a project management team develop positive relationships, including opening lines of communication, with everyone who will be contributing to the project. Managers work with many qualified professionals, and those professionals expect to be treated as such, by their leaders and peers alike.

Good management leaders will make a conscious effort to engage their team during each phase of the project. This will create an environment of sharing information in order to find the best possible solutions. The managers hat will be the most successful rely on teamwork, and not individuality

2. Provide Leadership Without Micromanaging.  It is important for all members of your team to understand their roles as well as any other responsibilities that may be tasked to carry out. A strong manager can delegate this with minimal interference while controlling every aspect of their team’s process. Micromanaging frustrates employees and makes them feel like they are less adequate. If your team is strong, let them be. Project management is a complex minefield that requires a delicate approach. You picked your team for a reason. You already know they are good. With the right leadership, you will complete your project successfully.

3. Do Your Homework.  A project manager does not need to have a comprehensive grasp on every part of the organization, but the more you know can only help to make your team better and stronger. Being a good leader means doing research and gaining an understanding of industry standards and practices. If you don’t know what you are supposed to be doing, neither will your team. Taking the time before you start your project to learn everything you can about your team will help as well when it comes to delegating tasks. Just remember the saying “knowledge is power” and arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can ahead of time.

4. Learn How To Identify The Right Tools And How To Use Them.  It is critical to have an understanding of the different web based project management applications available to you. Streamlining your processes and saving your steps along the way will eliminate duplication of your efforts, wasting valuable time. Identify a project management solution to fit the overall scope and focus of your company’s initiative and you will maximize your capabilities to achieve success.

5. Enhance Your Expertise Through Continuing Education.  Education is ongoing in project management. If you stop learning, you stop being an effective leader. Your team’s success will depend heavily upon your continued education being as current as possible. Train in areas that are relevant to your work and bring more value to your team. Project managers must stay on the forefront of industry developments. That is the only way to continue achieving project management success.


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