Quality Project Management

Project management requires strategic planning from your initial concept until the final moments of completion and review. Each project you initiate calls for your creativity, problem solving and moment to moment decision making that is made easier with your preplanning to manage specific goals and milestones during each phase of the project.

The four critical key areas that demand consistent diligence are:

1. Budget

2. Time

3. Resources

4. People


From your initial capital investment to the final cheques written, budget and cash-flow will carry your project from start to finish. Accounts receivable, accounts payable, investment, purchasing, payroll, customs, and secondary expenses must be paid attention to in managing your money to continuously progress through each step in accomplishing each goal to completion.


From the moment you open your books in the morning or when you put on your hard hat, time is a very valuable resource that you can control in order to elicit the best responses and output. Time wasted is money, resources, and skills wasted. With project management, each phase of the project leads into the next and by learning and adapting to each phases time considerations you will protect yourself from unnecessary stress due to delays, rushing, unforeseen problems, and accidents.


Each aspect of your project requires specific planning for the delivery of your chosen cost effective acceptable resources or supplies. Material management encompasses such aspects as delivery times, delivery cost, material make-up, safety features, warranties, dimensions, and sourcing costs for you to consider and initiate.


The most critical and important feature of your project are the people who will be building your project with you. From the first phone-call to the final ribbon cutting ceremony many people will be at your side and behind the scenes supporting you to completion. Professionally proven tradesmen, logistical workers, accountants, IT, sales, architects, management, administration, board members, and communication positions need to be considered amongst many others specific to your project so it is critical that the right people are hired and on your team. In trade referrals, job boards, prior contacts and associates can all assist you in your selection. In addition, not all positions or unique aspects of your project can be filled with employees and you will be selecting contractors to complete these jobs. Again, referrals, prior contacts, and business reviews can assist you with your choices.

Throughout the project, review and adjustments will be an ongoing task of yours. As you know, the best plans can go awry what with weather considerations, political and social changes, price fluctuations and a host of other occurrences. Your diligence in strategic planning, maintenance, foresight, and your excellent team of people will assist you in curtailing, side-stepping and overcoming any challenges.

When your project is complete you can then review all phases that were involved to plan for your next project. You can then initiate changes of strategy, resources, time, or people to gain the upper hand in tendering future bids, being sourced for national and international projects and to enhance the advertising and marketing of your skills, accomplishments, people and projects.