How to Become a Project Manager

Wondering how you can become a project manager? Well, to begin, what is a project manager and what do project managers do?

Project managers are responsible for being the lead on a project from launch to completion. This includes planning the project, executing it and managing the resources, people and scope of it. A project manager must be very disciplined in order to create and maintain clear objectives. They must strive to successfully complete these objectives at all times.

Project Management

The Roles of a Project Manager

As you research how to become a project manager, it’s important to know the role one plays. Although rarely involved in the day-to-day activities which produce end results, he/she is responsible to the project overall management. This job position involves overseeing project techniques and tools and any services and products associated with the project itself. They’re also responsible for recruiting team members, building project teams and making  risks projections for the project.

One of the major roles of project managers is team management. This means managing personalities and relationships within the project team. These teams must be able to communicate, work and plan well together. So, it’s crucial that these managers know how to maintain and collaborate successful relationships among team members.

Conflict and friction will inevitably arise as the creative process develops. However, the team manager ensures that they don’t destroy the project at hand. So, becoming a project manager also involves applying effective human management efforts.

The Art of Project Management

Wondering how to become a project manager and turn it into a successful career? Then, you need to know how to apply the techniques, skills, tools and knowledge to the project’s various activities. This helps you meet the requirements needed to make the project successful.

The failure or success of the project falls in the hands of its manager. Some of the typical responsibilities of a project manager include:

  1. Planning, Implementing, Execution and Closing – Define the project. Create an effective work plan. Put the plan in place. Manage the project to completion.
  2. Team Management – Recruit, train and manage team members. Remove obstacles. Track productivity. Keep team members motivated.
  3. Expectation Management – Create obtainable project goals. Align those goals with business goals. Manage project stakeholders. Communicate project difficulties, milestones and status updates as needed.

Steps to Become a Project Manager

Here are some of the ways you can start building gaining experience and building your credentials in the project management industry:

  • Blogs – Do an online search on Google Blogs using the term “project management resources.” Read through some of the blog posts to gather some tips on how to become a project manager.
  • Build Industry Relationships – Start following Twitter users in the project management industry. And, actually interact with them, reading tweets and retweeting valuable ones. Join and participate in LinkedIn groups run by industry leaders. Engage with group members to get as much industry knowledge as you can.
  • Watch Industry Leaders’ Webinars – Webinars are a very effective way to learn tips and tricks on how to be a project manager. There are many webinars related to project management training. Some are even free.
  • Become a Certified Project Manager – Find an accredited school that offers a training program for certifying project management programs. You can always get free or low-cost project management training from various sources. However, it’s best to get certified by a Project Management Institute (PMI) that’s both registered and accredited as an education provider. This shows potential employers that you have received a quality education on how to become a project manager.

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