5 Affordable and Effective Project Management Applications

Setting up and managing a project is an important part of getting things done at any company. It’s an unfortunate truth that more than a few projects have been undone because they have been mismanaged, run inefficiently, or fallen apart. The modern era offers new and powerful ways to manage projects through the use of telecommunications, but it’s crucial to not be overwhelmed by what is out there and to maintain an on-time and on-budget pursuit of projects. Finding the best project management software can be a chore, so here are some of the top choices to help you stop worrying about that and get into the project itself as quickly as possible.

project management applications

Keeping Track of Ideas

In the first stages of a project you’re going to need software that helps you and your colleagues or employees keep track of ideas as and when they come up. Convenience is key to ensure distractions and imperfect memories don’t let an idea disappear. Similarly, powerful brainstorming tools can help keep track of everything. Keeping all the notes and being able to share them electronically helps to ensure the focus is on the ideas, not on remembering where you put that post-it note with a great idea on in.

For note-taking consider using a program like Evernote. Evernote is a very handy note-taking app that can be used on handheld devices, meaning as long as you can use your phone, you can take notes. What’s more the app doesn’t just provide ordinary text notes, it can also record you, store photographs as notes, and, if the hardware supports it, can perform handwriting recognition. As saves can be to the cloud, it’s simple to take notes where needed and retrieve them elsewhere as well as sharing them with colleagues.

When it comes to brainstorming and mind mapping, XMind is one of the best choices. It is a program which lets you create mind maps in a number of styles and to share them as needed without fuss. XMind will help in the early stages of a project by providing a clean visual interface that allows information and ideas to be kept track of, whether it’s the work of an individual or a group.

Once Underway

If your ideas are set and your project is ready to get underway, you want to find the best project management software available. If a project’s elements can be laid out clearly and assigned easily, and you can keep track of who is doing what at all times, you’ll be in a much better place to get things done properly and to handle any problems as they arise, before they have time to escalate. Fortunately there are quite a few good options out there in this regard, such as these;

  • Trello is an app that lets you create tasks, assign them, and get feedback, and lets everyone involved to add comments.
  • Wunderlist lets you create projects as to-do lists, and you can add sub-tasks to those items. You can share with others, add recurring to-dos, add reminders, and sync across all your devices.
  • Another great choice is Asana which performs similarly, but with a special emphasis on teamwork and making it easy to share ideas and monitor progress.

The above are just some of the options to help manage your projects efficiently, but they are among the best project management software choices out there. Finding the ones right for your objectives and your company can simplify projects enormously as you can devote less time to management and more to working on the project.


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